Life Groups


The vision of D-Groups is to see adults from our church family given the opportunity to engage in a personal and spiritual growth atmosphere. Through involvement in a D-Group, you will have this opportunity by meeting regularly with other adults in groups of only three to five people.
Our hope is that you will experience the following:
– The opportunity to share your life specifically and support others as they do the same.
– Find out and act on what the Lord is challenging you to do as other believers cheer you on.
– Encouragement as you live out your faith before God in the sight of others.
– Help and support to grow beyond your present state of spiritual maturity.
– The opportunity to be prayed for and lifted up before God.
The D-Group format is to give each person in the group the opportunity to answer these questions at each meeting:
1. What is God teaching you through His Word and how does it apply to your life?
2. As a result of that Word from God, what changes or growth need to happen in your life?
3. What are you willing to commit to or surrender to accomplish this?

Life Groups

The vision of Life Groups is to give adults from our church family the opportunity to go deeper in relationships with others in a greater way than what might be happening at our weekend services.  Through involvement in a Life Group, you will have the opportunity to share your life with other people and live out the example of the early church shown in Acts.
Because of your involvement in a Life Group, our hope is that you will experience the following:
-Fellowship and community with other followers of Jesus.
-An opportunity to serve and work within the gifts and calling that God has put on your life.
-Discipleship and further growth in your relationship with God.
-Worship through prayer and accountability.
-An opportunity to share your story to people who might not yet have a relationship with Jesus.
The Life Group format may look different for each group.  However, the general idea is that each group will go through a study together that helps generate discussion toward discipleship in each person’s relationship with Jesus.  Life Groups are meant to be a safe place for people to share their life experiences with each other.